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Full Version: Best KODI build for retired man
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I have Kodi on my laptop and also my 3d tv with the firestick
what is by far, the best build for meHuh

Case adjustment [PatK]
Please don't use all-caps - it's considered shouting on forums.

As to your question - we do not support 3rd party builds here, as most of them just package up piracy banned add-ons (wiki) which violate our forum rules (wiki) on the subject. The only configuration we support is our basic vanilla one, which can be downloaded from the link at the very top of the page.
The best 'Build' , by far, is found on the download page of this site.
http://addons.kodi.tv/ (wiki) these are available from the Kodi internal free repository to add flavour without spoiling the software soup.
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