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Full Version: ?? delete when finish...but still there
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Dear sirs,

ive activated the point "temporally folders deleted when finish" (ive translated it from german to english (so sorry if its not correct)
but after a restart, the folders from the films which i delete in TMM (ive marked Database and directory delete) are still there.

the folders are only renamed for example .deletedByTMM..........
Do i need to check any other option so that the files and folders i wish to delete would be deleted within the next restart of TMM?

sorry for my bad english Sad


works here.
could you have a look in the logs after closing tmm (at the very end), if there is a similar line:

2017-01-06 13:10:00,676 INFO  [main] org.tinymediamanager.core.Utils:1276 - Deleting complete directory: /home/manuel/Videos/Test_movies/.deletedByTMM