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Full Version: Strm share with samba and mysql
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I setup raspberry pi as mysql server and with kodi. I have quasar addon on every computer and my question is: if i add movie to library it makes .strm file. Is it possible making it add to sql database and share to every computer? Is it also possible to make share if i add with client computer to library with quasar? Technically quasar doesnt need native sharing function if im correct? My sql and samba connection works with every computer but it wont add to sql db when i choose add to library.
This is not strictly an answer, more of a comment (so hopefully the next person answers).

Have you looked at emby? It allows for the one to many server/clients relationship that you described. It is integrated in Kodi with a plugin (emby for kodi plugin).

Good luck getting a better answer. hth.