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Full Version: Show video details without scraping
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Hi all

So kodi currently shows a poster when a video file is selected in the file browser, if it has the same name as the video sans extension. Can the same be done with other details like plot etc... from an NFO file?

I don't want to scrape the movies with kodi, as I have my own system for doing so.
Yes, using Set_content_and_scan#Local_NFO_only_options (wiki) and NFO_files (wiki)

Text-based data like Title and Plot needs to be loaded into the Kodi database so you will have to scan the files in with Kodi, but you can create the NFO files using Ember Media Manager or MediaElch or others
When I said I didn't want to scrape the files i guess I meant that I also didn't want to add them to the library either. Thank's for the help anyway Smile

Looks like I might need to implement this feature myself if I can find the time lol