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Full Version: When searching or sorting for title Tmm freezes
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I have a very large tv libary when I use the search to enter a title the app freezes (cursor in title field not blinking)

Typically happens after the first 3-6 letters are entered.

Usually after 5-10 minutes it catches up.

Same issue when using the sort feature.

Wondering if it has something to do with very large tv libary..

If it matters I have caching turned off.

Curious if this is somthing I can fix.
Any ideas on this?
that could be the size of your library...
in v2 we have a suboptimal code in our TV show filter - you may have to wait until v3 to use the filter on TV shows Sad

btw: there is no sort for TV shows?
Thanks for response

I meant the filter feature when I said sort Smile