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Full Version: Having Trouble with Kodi due to this Skin
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So I've had Kodi for about a year or two now and it's worked awesome, but then when i downloaded this chroma skin it froze on the startup screen and never allowed me to go back in kodi; let alone look at any settings within the app. So i tried restarting my laptop which didn't help, so then i tried reinstalling and uninstalling, And it installed but when i went to open it back up it said error you are missing your "api-ms-win-crt-runtime-l1-1-0.dll" so now it won't even launch. I then tried seeing if i could download that but you can guess how that went.So i give up it's been two days now lol. Everything else on my laptop runs smoothly so i don't think its that. So anyways if anyone can help me get back on Kodi that would be awesome Big Grin (my laptop is an acer-windows 7 if that helps)