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Full Version: Pulse Eight CEC Adapter Issues
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I upgraded from a Raspberry Pi to an Asus Chromebox recently and missed the ability to hit volume down on my Kodi remote to turn the volume donw on my Sony soundbar, so i invested in a Pulse Eight CEC Adapter. I plugged it in yesterday and had an absolute nightmare with it. I had it seemingly working but upon turning my TV off, it was turning the Chromebox off too, which i didnt want. So i found the setting to 'ignore' and all looked good. Upon powering on though my soundbar was always defaulting to Optical rather than HDMI input, so after some tinkering in Kodi i was then faced with powering on my TV and not getting any video signal via my soundbar even though it was on and all looked normal.

After testing numerous different HDMI cables in my setup i found a hard reset on my soundbar and got everything working again, without the CEC Adapter connected. I'm not sure why or how it managed to screw up my video input on the soundbar but i have kinda given up on it for now unless someone can offer any advice on how to connect and configure the adapter as i simply plugged it in and think i understood the Kodi settings.

In case it helps, my TV setup is:

TV connected to Sony soundbar via HDMI. Siound bar output to 3 output HDMI switcher being my chromebox, xbox and ps3. I'm not sure if the Pulse Eight adapter shit the bed because of this or if i've done something or it simply isnt very compatible with my setup and hardware?

Any ideas?