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Full Version: Slide view cropping
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Hi Jeron - I'm pretty sure this topic has already been raised, but I can't seem to find anything about it here. I prefer to use the slide view for both movies and TV show titles. The problem I'm having is that the images (DVD box covers for a movie for example) are being cropped so the title text for example cuts right up to the left and right edge or beyond. It's as if there is a slide shape mask, and the image (the poster) is a wee bit too large for it. Am I missing a setting/configuration. or is there a problem?

Still loving the skin, and this issue is minor cosmetic, and not any great bother Angel

Many thanks,

That's what a lack of a standard will result in Smile Not all posters have the same dimensions, or aspect ratio even, so cutting will occur. The only "solution" for this is not letting the images keep their aspect ratio and not cutting them, which will result in posters sticking out over others. To me that solution is worse than the problem Smile