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Full Version: Kodi 17 - No buffer info at techical info
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One very useful feature was that you could see how many data was stored at the buffer and when the stream was stopping to buffer ther was a prediction about how many seconds would require until the procedure end. All this you you see by calling the technical info by pressing the o key at the pc.

All these was very useful when you received a stream over network. Because of course is other to see that the buffering procedure would take 20 sec and other 2000 sec.
And by let the stream play and watch the amount of the data in the buffer you could understand if you could see the stream without problem or not. If the amount of data in the buffer was stable or went up then no problem if start to constantly go down then you had problem.

All these personally me at least helped me a lot to decide if i continue to use a source or start to search for another.

I feel sorry that those information's was removed from kodi 17.

I liked that at info there is a synopsis from the movie
kodi-send -a PlayerDebug - you can map that to a key yourself as - you said - it's technical info for the technical people
On a keyboard: Shift-Ctrl-o
Thanks a lot!!!