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Full Version: Buffer/cache for inputstream add-ons
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I'm using a video add-on which in turn uses inputstream.adaptive for DASH streams. The cache section in advancedsettings.xml has no effect on how far ahead is buffered.
For example, looking at an SD quality stream which has ~200-500KB video and ~30KB audio segments, it seems to be only downloading the next chunk while the current one is playing. It wouldn't be an issue on my connection as it is fine on other DASH services using the same CDN (Akamai). I think this VOD service must have asked for a 'budget' plan wrt bandwidth, as the segment requests are taking from 500ms up to 2000ms to download, and that is what is causing issues. It can be better depending on the time of the day. The official Android app for this service gets around it by buffering ahead it seems up to 50 segments at a time.

Is this an issue for the VideoPlayer Inputstream interface?

Does there already exist a method to get the required behavior?
You need to ask the author of the addon how it reads from the source. This is out of scope of VP.
Ok, I see. I'll try again to contact the dev.