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Full Version: PVR Add-on Disabled After Reboot
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On to my second problem. When I reboot the system, the PVR add-on seems to be disabled. I have to got to the add-ons section and cycle disable/enable to get it working again every time I reboot or power on the system. I am running Krypton Beta 7 and an Intel NUC.
Also here on LibreElec 9.0.1.
Don't know what can i do to fix this.
As a random thought, at least for @nojoe under LE it might be worth trying the wait for network option (in the LE settings add-on under network) to make sure that the device is connected before starting Kodi. If the boot-up is too quick the HDHr device won't be visible and accessible which could disable the PVR add-on perhaps?

Not sure about the other one, but as that post is over 2 years old for an old beta I guess that's not something to consider too deeply...