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Full Version: Selected deinterlace method changes after stopping live TV playback
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I'm running LibreELEC 7.0.2 and Kodi 16.1 on Cubox with 3.14 Kernel. I watch Netherlands TV from cable provider Ziggo using tvheadend (all legal and paid for). I've had this problem for a few months now, maybe it's been there from beginning but I am not sure.

Short story. I'm having two issues. First issue - if I select a particular deinterlace method for a particular channel, the method initially is saved. However, after some time (maybe some restarts), when I switch to the channel a different method ends up being selected. Second issue - if I change the method from a selected method to "Auto", next time I switch to channel, the selected deinterlace method is not "Auto" but the method previously selected.

Long story: All Ziggo HD channels are interlaced so I have to deinterlace them. However not all HD channels look good with "Auto" setting. Therefore I have to find the best deinterlace method, change it for each channel so next time I switch to that channel, that deinterlace method should be selected. I have an option of four methods plus "Auto": IMX - Low Motion, IMX - Double rate (inverted), IMX - Double rate, IMX - Fast motion. Now I already know that when "Auto" is selected, and HD channel is interlaced, the selected method is "IMX - Double rate". And I also found out from trail and error that only two methods are good enough and I only use those two: "IMX - Double rate" and "IMX - Double rate (inverted)".

I started off with all channels having "Auto" selected and applied this setting to all channels. Then after trial and error for each channel that needs interlacing (only HD channels), I either left "Auto" or I selected "IMX - Double rate (inverted)". Now the problems start. After some days, maybe a restart here or there, when I switch to some channel that should have "Auto" as the method, the method ends up being "IMX - Double rate (inverted)". Then the second problem happens. Now I change from "IMX - Double rate (inverted)" to "Auto". I stop playback and turn TV back on but it goes back to "IMX - Double rate (inverted)". After this happened many times, I had to change the method to "IMX - Double rate" (because that's what "Auto" is) and then the method would be saved. However, again, after I few days or restarts the channels might have different methods than the ones selected (basically reversed methods).

Now this seems to me like a problem with the database and/or deinterlace method retrieval/saving.

Here is the debug log of these problems: https://paste.ubuntu.com/23772710/
What I did here was restart after turning on debug logging, brought up EPG, switched to channel "NPO 2 HD" that is supposed to have "Auto" or "IMX - Double rate" deinterlace method. However the channel loads with "IMX - Double rate (inverted)" method. I change to "Auto". Stop playback. Start playback again. Method is still "IMX - Double rate (inverted)".

Any thoughts?
http://www.libreelec.tv - sorry the LE version of the imx code has nothing to do with the code kodi provides. We cannot help you.
Fritsch, don't you think it has something to do with corrupt database? That would not be specific to LibreELEC.

Otherwise, I thought Kodi is same across platforms. I figure this part of the code would be the same (saving and retrieving deinterlace method for each live TV channel).
In fact it seems you hit that bug, which they fixed today: https://github.com/LibreELEC/LibreELEC.tv/pull/1152
That code never was in kodi's repository - that's why I have always a problem clearly stating if a bug is relevant for us.
So no offense or something - but I honestly don't know which version ships as it changes daily.

Edit: Ouh and looking at your log - you are running kodi version 16.1 which is (or better said was) github.com/xbmc Jarvis branch + https://raw.githubusercontent.com/LibreE...rvis.patch (1.56 MB patches) - see hard for me to tell anything :-(
Thanks, fritsch.

I understand. I'll see if the fix you referenced is valid.
I just wanted to give an update to anyone reading this thread. I resolved this issue by implementing a fix to the decoder (made by one of the imx6 developers). The decoder fix allows me to use one deinterlace method for all videos so I do not have to manually select between two different deinterlace methods. I just set the one deinterlace method as default for all videos and now both my live TV streams and recordings use the same method.