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Full Version: Home button behavior
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In previous kodis when pressing the home button "ActivateWindow(Home)" during video playback it would open up the directory of the file you are currently playing.

now it just opens straight to the home menu.

is there a way to get back the previous behavior?
try "Fullscreen", that should toggle in and out of the fullscreen playback window.
Do you mean change





i just tried that and no difference
yup, though i think you're editing the wrong button...
at least i can't think of a reason why ActivateWindow(Home) would not take you to the homescreen in previous versions.

a Debug Log might provide some info on what key you're pressing and which action it triggers.
okay i was able to fix it, i another program i was running causing esc button to be pressed when i pressed guide on my controller. (i was using it with older versions of kodi that didn't support the guide button yet)