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Full Version: Crashing, exception caught on main loop.
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Hi again,
since I have posted my problem here before and you banned it and moved the thread to the spam regards using illegal add-ons, (although I mentioned the problem remains even when the kodi is stripped of everything and completely clean) I uninstalled my kodi a downloaded it again to prove that the bug is still there.
When I open the app, it lets me run around only for a little bit and then crashes with either a sign 'not responding' or 'Error. Exception caught on main loop.'
More information about my problem is in the spam section. Huh However I am more than happy to write it all again if anyone decides to help me. Smile

Thank you.

Here's the log:

The 2 weird things I can see in your log:

1- Why do you use Kodi 16.1 RC2 when Kodi 16.1 stable release is out for month?

2- Why is your kodi running with administrator rights? Do not think it is a good thing. It should run with restricted rights