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Full Version: Season/Episode number
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Browsing/searching through posts about the season/episode number of a recording led me to believe that this is implemented in Kodi. I also seem to recall that I could get the season/episode number of a recording while using MythTV. However, this metadata does not seem to be present in pvr.hts.

The Live TV portion of the metadata is intact, and can be viewed in the info window from the EPG. However, once a program is recorded, this information seems to be lost. Is this a shortcoming of Tvheadend, or of pvr.hts?
I have noticed that too and posted about it here, but didn't get any replies. It seems that also the genre information disappears from recordings.
Looking at Tvheadend's DVR logs/data, the episode information is retained for a recording, but I don't see anything about genre. The only field that looks like it might match would be "content", but most all of my recordings have a "0" in that field, so I am uncertain what information it conveys ...