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Full Version: Triggering context menu/information buttons manually
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I'm doing away with the Information screen and default context menu options, but would still like to use a few of them - things like 'Change Art' and 'Edit Title'. Is there any alternative way to trigger those?
Both are closely integrated in Kodi and I wouldn't recommend leaving these out, especially now that those screens can be accessed from anywhere and not only from the media windows.
Apart from something elaborate like opening the (empty) dialogs, sending onclicks and closing them again, your best bet would be to write a script for these actions and trigger that from buttons in the UI.
I get what you're saying about them being core Kodi features, but I'm going to see how far I can get before running into trouble. If I can use Kodi without issue then it'll fit my criteria and ppl will just have to mod around it if they wish. Is there a good guide for the script you're talking about?
There's phil65's library editor script for editing of database fields.
I see there's no way to get to the artwork button functionality though through other means afaict.
Maybe you could make dialogvideoinfo.xml into a popup dialog behind a 'Manage' button with just a few buttons, like 'Edit' that triggers the library editor script and the 'Get artwork' and 'Refresh' buttons.

Or just use the video info dialog for that slide out menu I saw in the screenshots. There are builtins you can use for sort method, sort order etc that you can add to buttons in the dialog next to the builtin controls of the video info dialog.
I used your first tip and it worked perfectly. Cheers!