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Full Version: How to save my Channel list on PTVL?
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I use only Directories as channels on PTVL. I wanna know how to save the channel list, because everytime I install a new version of PTVL, the list is empty, and I have to reassign all the channels again. Where is stored the channel config? I didn't find this topĂ­c in other threads or in manuals.
There is a setting within PTVL that will automatically backup your channel information.

More importantly why is the userdata folder removed after each update? I'll assume we are talking about a android device? does anyone know if this is standard behavior for Kodi and android? IME userdata stays intact after updates.
Thank you. I'm using PVTL and KODI (Jarvis) on Windows 7, in my notebook. I'm using an old version of PVTL because the recent ones didn't work well. I will try again to update and see if it happens again. Crossing fingers.