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Full Version: Bug with multiselect?
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Hi, I think I found a bug with the estuary skin packaged in RC1.

I noticed when you call a multiselect dialog through python the skin does not recognize the "selected" items, ie selected items are not highlighted. Once you click okay the selected items become visible in the confirmation dialog. Functions as expected in other Krypton skins...

Happy New Year
Did a quick test, works here. Please provide full instructions to reproduce.
I probably should have added i'm passing a listitem not a standard list and I have usedetails enabled.

Listitem has label, label2, icon.

I can post the code if you want, I attached a gif showing multiselect in estuary than in titan. I'm not seeing any visual indication something is selected...thanks

Do you use some [COLOR] tags for the listitem labels?
(2017-01-11, 06:35)phil65 Wrote: [ -> ]Do you use some [COLOR] tags for the listitem labels?

Yes i am...

That´s the issue. Add-ons shouldnt set colors.
(2017-01-11, 07:01)phil65 Wrote: [ -> ]That´s the issue. Add-ons shouldnt set colors.

I wasn't aware of the restriction, I'll use custom xml's for dialogs.

Thanks for the help Smile