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Full Version: Seek bar marker as label
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Not sure what else to call it, but I want to have a label for the seek time of a movie which actually moves back and forth with the seek bar. Right now it just seems you can only have a texture as part of the slider control. Is there a solution or is this a feature request?
Just slide it along with the progress bar:
<animation effect="slide" start="0" end="19.2" time="100" condition="Integer.IsGreater(Player.Progress,1)" reversible="false">Conditonal</animation>
<animation effect="slide" start="0" end="19.2" time="100" condition="Integer.IsGreater(Player.Progress,2)" reversible="false">Conditonal</animation>
Would that accurately track the progress bar, though? I need it to effectively *be* the seek bar marker.
Well, you need to divide the length of the progress bar /100 and use those pixels in each slide animation. My example was from a label with the progressed time I used to slide along with a fullscreen progress bar (1920px). In my example I needed to start the animation with progress greater than 5 and end it before 96 otherwise the text would fall off screen, but it followed it accurately.

There's no support for text in our current slider control.
Okay, new problem. What you describe works, but it only updates with the progress bar (which I appreciate is my fault for being vague). The slider which controls the progress bar is what I actually need the label for - is there any way to pair it with that?
I haven't tried it, but I guess doing the slide condition based on Control.GetLabel(slider id) might work?
I did mine in VideoFullscreenScreen - https://github.com/HitcherUK/skin.ftv/bl...n.xml#L282 - using textures as padding.