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Full Version: [Release] Weather Custom Icons Animated [HD Version]
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Hello guys,
This is a new version of animated icons for Weather Addon, here is the address


watch gallery
I am trying to change the weather Icons.
Method from the WIKI;

1 The home screen
2 Add-ons
3 Download
4 Look and feel (v16 and higher)
5 Image collections
6 Weather Icons - HD Animated
7 Install
I can install them but, how can I use them ?
I don't find any menu item where I can change the Icons.
I am using Krypton 17.3 on a MIBox .
( I have Googled a lot but don't fin a solution)

Hello and welcome @efbe,

Which skin are you using?
Standard Skin : Estuary
Hi there, how can I make this resource to work with Xonfluence skin? Do I need to edit any xml for it to work? Any help would be appreciated, thank you.