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Full Version: Wrong poster language
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Hi, this is my first post here, so I would like for all the help that I got from here in the past few years!

I have start using TMM 2.9.1 today and really liked it, but I do have 1 problem.

When I scrap a movie it show me the movie data including poster in the correct language (pt_BR in my case) but when I hit confirm it download the movie info but the poster is downloaded with the wrong language (english).

I tried all the possible combinations in the config sections but none have functioned as expected.

Can someone help me on this one or is it just a bug?
is there a poster in pt_BR for this movie available?
Yes, I put some images of an example. I hit search & scrape:


So the confirmation window appears and show the right movie with the poster in pt_BR:


After I click OK the movie is scraped and included in my collection, but with the wrong poster language:

looks like that has been broken for a while since we had to expand from language only searches (e.g. pt) to country based language searches (e.g. pt_BR) for some brazil users..
tmdb only offers country independent artwork search results (pt) while we check it against the country based language (pt_BR)

I'll have a look when I can change this
a fix will be in the next version
First of all thanks for your help! Any chance to advise about what version should I expect to find this patch and when it should happen?

Sorry if this is a silly question.
2.9.2 is the next version and should arrive soon
Many thanks! Very good customer service!!!