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Full Version: Posters & Fanart
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I'm trying out TMM after being a long-time EMM user, and thus far I'm real impressed - the GUI is excellent, and other than the initial scrape of movies on my NAS, it's a lot quicker than I'm accustomed to. A couple of questions re: posters/fanart:

Language. Can we prevent TMM from showing any posters which are not in our preferred language? On the scraper settings page, I have English as the preferred language, and ticked "Prefer Language over resolution when choosing images." Yet when selecting a poster, it shows both English as well as numerous other language posters.

Image Size. Any chance of displaying the sort order by resolution, so the higher resolution images are first? If not, then could we filter out images below a certain size for fanart and posters? I have Large selected for both poster and fanart sizes, but often have to sort through a bunch of smaller images before finding a larger one I like.

Thank you, Carl.
these settings only apply for the "automatic" image choosing.
you are probably branded by EMM and want to choose every image by yourself - but you could let tmm do that for you (that is by far faster and the results are good)

we do not plan to improve the image chooser
I suspect that anyone using TMM (or EMM, for that matter) is going to be somewhat Type A, and I suspect that most change the default images.

After all, if we would be satisfied with what the scraper came up with, then Kod could make the selection rather than using an offline manager.

But if I'm part of the minority, I'll stick to sorting through the poster choices to see which ones I want to use.

Thanks, Carl.