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Full Version: Swap stereo channels
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is it possible to swap stereo channels (left, right) in movies played via KODI (raspberry, KODI 16.1.)? I was used to do it in mplayer (mpv), but the Raspberry is not fast enough to play full HF video via mplayer.
I don't think so, but i'd have to ask why?
If your living room has such an arrangement that the speakers end up behind your seat (contrary to aside the screen, as in a traditional setup), you end up with L-R having to be swapped. But if you're unfortunate enough to usually listen to music only facing the speakers, then you can't just permanently swap the cables. What I need is the ability to tell Kodi to swap the audio channels only when playing video.

I am a programmer so I wouldn't mind writing code to get this done, either through an add-on or whatever. Any pointers?
A swap channel option would be a very welcome addition.
Sure hope @csaavedra receives those pointers ;-)
That could be done once adsp Addons are fully functional which could be for v18. This could let you do channel mapping by yourself if the correct Addon is written for that.
Thanks. Any place where I could follow the progress of the adsp addons?
If serious about getting involved and doing some coding, then he appropiate place for questions and getting assistance is http://forum.kodi.tv/forumdisplay.php?fid=235