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Full Version: High-Definition Video Flagging (library filtering/sorting & skin thumbnails overlay)?
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@CapnBry, it is probably best if you start a new topic-thread in the development forum (for the platform you develop on) to make sure others developers notice your questions and that only developers answer.

CapnBry Wrote:The next problem is the audio track info. Being able to display a "Dolby Digital 5.1" logo or something would be nice but that would mean having a list item tag for each type of audio which could get out of hand.
Yes that would probably get out of hand if displayed when browsing, but if it was only accessed from the skin when the user goes under video-info for a specific Movie or TV-Show then it would not be too much as it would only grab and display it for that one item. Like in these pictures:
Gamester17 Wrote:Here are a few example screenshots from a MeediOS skin (called "meedioVintage") with such flags in action:
(as you can see MeediOS also have flags for high-definition audio such as Dolby Digital and DTS, with channels)


For more screenshots of this Meedio Vintage skin see the MeediOS forum here:

of course its the same. the debug output you posted earlier comes from the dvdplayer when it interrogates the file. technically a container could have many audio and video streams with differing parameters which could add a lot of complexity to this.

i would just put this information into CVideoInfoTag. but, first, we need to think about what bits of info do we really care about. do we care about the actual resolution or do just want to do things "if (Is720p)"? if we keep the full resolution info, then we need to test these things based on the resolution. standard 720p is 1280x720, but should Xbmc include everything from here up to 1919x1079 (one pixel less than true 1080p)?

then we need to think about the possibility of multiple streams which conflict. do we keep information about them all, or just one of them? if the primary use is an overlay, then we should just keep information about the "best" stream.

the database could be extended with a new table, streaminfo, with columns of "id", "type", "index", and whatever else we want to store such as "videocodec", "colorspace", "height", "width", "framerate", "audiocodec", "samplerate", "audioformat".

type and index combined would reference the items in the video database, ie type=MOVIE, index=1 would be the movie with id=1 in the movie table.

maintaining info for every stream id in the database for every item will greatly complicate things. assuming we dont, and only keep the info from one video and one audio stream, this new table could easily be "joined" during the nav sql query, like this:
join streaminfo where (type=MOVIE and id=idmovie)

then all the info offsets and all the get(SOMETHING)fromdataset functions will need to updated so that this information gets filled into the proper variable in CVideoInfoTag.
and yes, you are correct, that a scan does not interrogate the file today. however, the first time a video is played, it is interrogated so upon this information not being present, it could be filled in during the very first play.

and i just thought of another complexity... stacks... there's nothing to prevent a user from stacking videos which do not match in video resolution.
hopefully the stacking problem isn't killing this...
The solution to the stacking problem is pretty easy... just scan one file and use that. If users want their resolutions to be correct they can make sure they stack similar files. Alternately just scan each file in the stack and use the lowest resolution.
of course. i never said it was a hard problem, just that it added complexity. there are several ways to work around it -- arbitrarily use the first file's resolution, use the lowest resolution, use the highest resolution -- but none of them are "correct". given the size of xbmc's user base, someone is bound to complain that the chosen solution isn't the proper solution.
could add a checkbox setup under the video info for the stack or in the context menu
if the user hit info on a video, they could select which HD quality setting they wanted... if it needed to be changed... overriding whatever was set automatically by a scan.
I would go with the lower of the two resolutions if there were a difference....
Did any kind developer take on this idea? Smile
My (post-atlantis) suggestion is to mark somehow that a video file has (external?) subtitles available; it may be some icon over the thumbnail, or some color change or maybe just some indicator to be handled by the skin...

The flagging could perhaps be extended to show some other info, like watched status, or recent additions to the library, or file less than "x" days old...
I was a user of media portal a little while back but LOVE xbmc and Mediastream. Does anyone know if there is a way to display an HD icon with the movie so when you are scrolling through the movies you know which ones are HD or not.

The reason for this is I have an XBOX and a HTPC. both are sharing the same files. But i want to be able to tell on my xbox if the movie is HD so I know that it cannot be watched. Does anyone else run into this issue.

Maybe a flag that would see if the folder contains an mkv file or something like that. Anyone have any suggestions.

Thanks Kris
As soon as XBMC makes those details available we'll display those icons but as far as I know at the moment it's not possible (it's been mooted though so it may happen someday)
thanks skunk I appreciate the quick response. thought it would be a good add to xbmc in general not just mediastream. LOVE the skin though. Puts a sexy look back into a media center thats for sure.

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