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Full Version: Estuary MOD Missing Menu's
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Hi all

Am having problems with new Estuary MOD skin on Kodi 18 and ubuntu.

Left hand side menus are missing and so is power menu.

The dependences are installed but still the menu on the left does not appear, it was fine on Kodi 17. I've tried reinstalling the whole thing from scratch but still same problem of missing menu.

Thanks for any assistance.
Be carefull to install the good version of skinshortcuts

The one from the link in OP (1.9.0) will work BUT the one from marcelveldt's repo (1.0.15) will not work on kodi 18
Thanks for that, installed these from the OP thread and it works now.

Script SkinShortcuts for KODI 18
Dependancy script.module.simpleeval
Note that v18 of the Skin Shortcuts script is a massive WIP and already has many - many - aspects re-written from scratch. As such, if you have any issues with the v18 version of the script (and you will do) you need to post a full debug log (wiki) - not a message saying what function you were acessing that didn't work, not a snippet from a debug log which actually shows an error - but a full debug log (which contains various information in addition to that which you actually think is relevant).

Failure to do so will mean that I'll simply ignore your post - just like I'm ignoring this post (which contains a log error, but doesn't actually include the whole debug log - and therefore doesn't have all that extra info that I actually use to help diagnose issues...)

I'm having the same problem on Kodi 17. I tried all versions from Git but the Skin.Shortcuts seem not even to be recognized as thez don't get shown in the "All Add-Ons" menu.
I already deleted the skin, the add-on, tried different versions up to the latest one and also deleted guisettings.xml.
Any further ideas on this?