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Full Version: Descriptive Audio (NAR)
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I'm using TVH 4.1.2401 and LibreElec Client v8.1.108, amongst TVH clients on iPhone etc. and find that some shows either live or recorded default to the NAR descriptive audio streams. This can be toggled in Kodi and the TVH app, but I want to default it to off / English if possible. I found this: https://tvheadend.org/boards/5/topics/18961 but I don't have that Audio Stream Filters tab, maybe because I'm using a Digitbit R1 Sat>IP box. So I can't see a way to default the audio stream to 'english'.

Anyone had and solved this?

oh thanks for this, setting an Audio Stream filter as "exclusive" in TVHeadend seems to have fixed my NAR audio channel issue.

Sorry I cant help with your issue, just wanted to comment that the above link works on normal TVHeadend Kodi client issues.