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Full Version: Another dumb question....Time
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How can I display the time as hr min? I have listitem.duration but that is only min.....

and I know skinhelper will do what I am looking for but I cant make anything related to skin helper work except the widgets.

So is there a way kodi will do hour min? Or can someone explain to me how to actually use skin helper service?

Check your skin helper install, nearly everything should work without immediately but some areas require a Skin.Bool be set to enable them. Check the readme again but things like artwork and all that should be there from the get go once installed IIRC.

Also make sure you have Marcels repo installed as that has the latest versions of his work and he has re-factored a lot of it recently so always best to have the latest

Other than that, Kodi won't do anything until V18 according the to the skin changes thread so go look for an addon called script duration, I used it in Jarvis and think it still works in Krypton.
Thanks Mike I will redownload it and try it again.
So I downloaded the newest master of skin helper delete the old installed the new... I can get skin helper.akin.title to show in the main window so I know the service is working... Then I guess it would be a widget I have a panel I'd 9001 set with a playlist when focused I want the time to show in the panel beside the poster.... Listitem.duration the built in of Kodi works butskinhelper does not. I even tired InFocus set property widget container 9001,home. Still I get nothing.
The majority of skinhelper listitems and window properties are not useable with lists or panels, You can not use them inside itemlayouts or focusedlayouts they have to be used outside of them.

Sometimes when outside you might need to prefix with Container(XXX) for example you might have to prefix Container(9001).... which ever item or prop but I can never remember when you do or don't have to do it that way.

If you are going to intergrate Skin helper, and personally it's a good idea if you are not doing a clean and simple UI, then you'll need to get used to coding it's listiems and window props outside lists. Once you figure it out it will all make sense to you.
Thanks guys, that's makes sense with the skin helper not I did not know I couldnt use it but in certain parts. And Hitcher that is a genius so simple I never would have thought of it .
Be aware it wont work with the current nightlies though.
For Krypton RC 3 and the way I am using it works perfect.. for movies and tvshows haven't tried anything else.
Thank you agian