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Full Version: PseudoTV Live - SetTop Box Experience v.0.9.x
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PseudoTV Live - Set Top Box Experience
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What is PseudoTV Live?
  • PseudoTV Live (PTVL) acts similar to normal broadcast or cable TV, complete with multiple preset,
    user-defined channels and a EPG. PTVL can directly integrate with various Kodi sources such as Plugins,
    HDHomeRun, Emby, UPNP and PVR backends. The project goal is to create a familiar, easy to use
    "Set Top Box" experience while using all Kodi has to offer.
  • It's channel-surfing for your mediacenter. Never again will you have to pick what you want to watch.
    Use an electronic program guide (EPG) to view what's on or select a show to watch. This script will let you create
    your own rich channel lineups. Add content from Kodi's Library, PVR Backend, Plugins and more...
    Cut the cord with ease, familair controls and functionality of a standard settop box..

Important Information:
WIKI- Everything you need to know

PseudoTV Live is ONLY available through the Lunatixz Repository, all third party installer are unsupported!

Please remember PseudoTV Live is designed to work with the latest "Stable Release" of Kodi. Beta's, Nightlies and Builds are NOT natively supported.

Useful Resources:


Follow @PseudoTV_Live for exclusive updates, tips and information.

Visit the PseudoTV Live Website for community forums, tips, faq and support threads.

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  • Donations* for this addon gratefully accepted. Please Visit

PseudoTVLive.com for details.

Lunatixz Repository
How to Install from zip file

Special Thanks to:
XBMC Foundation, jason102, angrycamel, jtucker1972, earlieb, Steveb1968, twinther, ronie, Phil65, spoyser, Eldorados, RagnaroktA, learningit, -bry, jaynford, marcelveldt
Topic Rules:
  • I encourage everyone, novice to expert to share information and ideas to improve this plugin. You are free to contribute as you see fit... Share your skins, etc... But please respect a few rules.
    • PLEASE REVIEW THE README , It contains all relevant information.
    • Do not post illegal internet feeds, or related plugins banned from Kodi's forum.
    • Before posting, try using the search tool to find your answer. Please do not abuse private messaging, the proper way to ask for help is through the forum.
    • Please follow Kodi's code of conduct.

Need Help?
  • Am I experiencing a bug? Read through the support forums for similar user experiences and for a possible resolution. Post a forum enquiry with as much details as possible. What are you trying to accomplish? What is the end result? What type of content and channel type? etc... Skin related issues are not considered a bug. Please post a link to a screenshot with a description of the issue. I will try and answer forum posts when possible.
  • If you are still experiencing unresolved issues, and believe them to be a bug follow the steps below.
    1. Prepare Kodi and PTVL logs, In Order to properly post logs you'll need to enable both Debugging in Kodi and in PTVL under "Debug" settings tab.
    2. After enabling debugging reboot Kodi, start PTVL and reproduce the issue, if possible exit PTVL (skip to step 4). If you are unable to control Kodi reboot.
    3. Navigate to Kodi's "addons", "programs" folder; open settings for "Kodi Log Uploader" and enable ""old log" then click "OK".
    4. Navigate to the "Help" settings tab in PTVL and click "Upload Kodi Log". Write down the code displayed.
    5. There are only TWO places I'll personally respond to bug reports, Post your comment and the above log code at one of the preferred sites. Please include as much detail as possible. All bug reports must include a full log, when possible please include reproducible steps to encounter the bug. Log snippets will not be accepted.
Tips, Tricks & Tutorials:
  • Turn "Background Updating" OFF and enable "QuickFlip" for faster channel surfing.