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Full Version: Closing my community forum account
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Hi there,
I opened an account here today to post a question. I apparently have broken some rule when I did so? I am sorry. How do I close my account? I have checked in the help section as well as the MyBB group link. There is no option for this. Or do I just wait until the moderator closes my account? I am not sure if this question is also breaking some rule that I am not aware of. I do apologize if it is. I only wanted some help. Sorry for the trouble.
You did not break any rules (as of yet), the post that I replied to you in was only to let you know that you will not get any help if what you were seeking help for broke the Forum rules (wiki) by asking for help with Banned add-ons (wiki).

You were more than welcome to elaborate if you were not
Please just close the account. I just wanted help with my problem. That is all. I don't even know if I even have an android box or not.

He sure showed you guys
(2017-01-20, 21:43)pointella Wrote: [ -> ]I don't even know if I even have an android box or not.

This is the best statement I have seen Smile Smile
request has been handled. closing.