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Full Version: Daily Reboot Addon
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Probably a small user pool for this feature, but I've created a daily reboot plugin. Here's the gist of it:

This is a simple plugin which reboots Kodi at a fixed interval every day. I made this because I have a low-budget big-screen and after a day of continuous running (mainly South Park), the audio starts getting glitch and resetting my Raspberry Pi fixes it. Basic functionality works now. Just go to Addons -> My Addons -> Services to configure what time you want the reboot to occur.

Future development plans:
Ensure reboot only happens once; currently does it a number of times if the reboot takes less than a minute.
Update plugin-icon.

Long-range feautres:
Save and restart current playlist on reboot from last item being played.


Plan on publishing it soon once I figure out why the string id's I'm using aren't working. Any advice/contribution is appreciated!
This could be a very handy replacement for the solution i use in Windows to have Kodi restarted.
The reason for restarting in my case is that Kodi will loose tvguide information after a certain amount of running time (at least with my backend).

I will be replacing a couple of Win boxes with Libreelec, where such solution is not present.
Your addon might fill in the gap, thanks for this in advance :-)
on the libreelec boxes you can just add a reboot command to the crontab.
Yes, i guess i could do that.
On the other hand i updated my backend and Kodi to the latest version, which seems to have asynchronous updates implemented. Have a testsystem setup which has been running for 4 days now and it still shows the guide info. Reboots might not be needed anymore..