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Full Version: Login Problems
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I don't know if this is correct place or not

I just had to create a new user for this forum. The previous login simply would not work! Every time I would attempt to login with the correct user name and password I was presented with a Capcha screen. Even though I would post correct answers to the Capcha it would just bring up another screen

When I clicked on the link for a new password and entered my email address I would get the error "Not a valid email address" even though it is the correct address and used for this new user name.

The user name that no longer works is charliebur so I guess it can be deleted
I wanted to take a look at your issue so I looked up your previous account.

While I don't think this is the reason for your issue, I would like to point out the forum rules (wiki) and especially our Piracy policy (wiki).
I'll give you some leeway since the discussion happened a while back, but please note that discussion of bootleg video add-ons is no longer tolerated on these forums.
The only thing I can guess is that the password contains a series of characters that triggers one of Cloudflare's anti XSS protections