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Full Version: Intercepting key events
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I have an add-on that starts a browser and listens to LIRC events so that the user can control the mouse from a remote control. A user has asked whether it would be possible to control the mouse using a phone app instead.

In order to intercept remote control events, my add-on currently invokes the "LIRC.Stop" built-in, so Kodi ignores LIRC events. It would be great to have an equivalent "Web.STOP" command, so that Kodi would ignore commands from the web interface. Then, my add-on currently connects to the LIRC daemon and listens for events. To get equivalent functionality from a Kodi remote, all web interface keypress events would have to be broadcast over the JSON RPC.

Possibly this could be done with a web interface add-on, but I don't think that would solve the problem. It would be most convenient for users if they could continue to use their favorite Kodi remote control app, which already speaks to an existing web interface. That means that my add-on would have to intercept key events that were sent to a different web interface.

Is any of this possible somehow with Kodi? I know it is a long shot, so I'm just asking in case I have missed something. Thanks!