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Full Version: are Krypton *all views different then Jarvis?
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In the music settings I have option "Showing song and album artists" to off, and "Show all items entry" on.

Within Jarvis I navigated to the music lib, show artists, select 1 artist (enter)
All albums from this artist (AlbumArtist ) is shown. But when entering to "all albums", in Jarvis all the albums are shown where this artist is available. Eg. also the collections albums are shown

With Krypton I only see the albums where the artist is equal to AlbumArtist in the "all album" view.

I prefer the Jarvis feature for showing "all album" info.

Is the functionality changed in Krypton? Or did I missed some new setting?
The functionality is changed in Krypton.

The "Show song and album artists" setting, or albumartistsonly flag in folder type custom nodes, now has an impact on what albums are shown for a artist too.

For an artists node with album artists only = true, that is
  • either via the system "Show song and album artists" setting disabled or
  • from the "Album Artists" node (hidden away under the "Roles" menu item), or
  • specifically from a custom node,
drilling down to see albums for a selected artist you will see those where they are the album artist. But you will not see those albums where they appear as a song artist on some tracks e.g. compilation albums or when they featured on a song. To see these as well you need to have album artists only = false when the artist was selected.

Correspondingly "* all albums" will show those songs where the artist is an album artist.

It does make sense to be able to filter the albums in much the same way as we do artists. Commonly people want to see the main albums by an artist, not all the "Now That's..." compilations or soundtrack albums they appear on, nor the albums by other people where they sing a duet etc.. But rather than add yet another option, a "main albums where they are album artist" flag, I decided to combine this facility into the album artist only flag. This is a decision I am happy to review for v18.

Infact the issue may be resolved by further changes to the way the music library can be navigated. I hope to make it more flexible and dynamic. Please visit the forum from time to tme and contribute your view of how you would like to access your library music.
Thanks @DaveBlake for the clear explanation.

It is also OK for me, to see the Artist view with only the Album Artist. But the first entry "* all albums" suggest to see all abums. But selecting this options, all songs from this Artist as Album Artist is shows. Perhaps it is an idea to change the prompt from "*All albums" to "* All songs"

Sure, for future versies count me in if a node can be developed from browsing from Album Artist to Artist node.
Is there any chance we could expect a fix for this anytime soon so that only album artists show but you can navigate to all their features etc..?