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Full Version: Seen/Unseen in YouTube plugin
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In the last month or two, I have had problems with seen/unseen not being viewed in the YouTube plugin. This is an issue in all views, fanart, list, full list etc.
Although, if I press the "Info button", I will get a quick glimpse, of the seen/unseen check boxes.
(using Kodi 16.1 - YouTube 5.3.6 - Transparency! 9.1.2)

According to this post in the YouTube thread, it seems it's because of a new Kodi policy that skins need to adapt.

If this is a skin issue, is this going to work again in the near future? Really miss this function Smile
yup, very likely a skin issue.
i will look into it.

thanx for reporting!
Thanks ronie, very much appreciated.Smile

when do you think an fix will be availible?
i fix it a week ago. it should work fine if you use the latest version of Transparency! (10.3.0)
edit: that is for kodi krypton v17 only.

Yeah.... im on LibreELEC 7.0.3 (16.1). im Not a big fan of nightly builds^^ so no viewstatus for me xD

But thanks for Reply.
How mutch effort would it be to fix that issue for the 9.x Version to?

Libreelec is now in Beta3 for V8 with Kodi 17. when i had to guess i would say that the final releas could be in 4 weeks or so.

When you mean its not worth it its ok, i acn survive 4 Weeks without your Skin. But it would be hard Wink

would it be possible to manipulate the addon.xml that i can install T! V10 in my 16.1?