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Full Version: New Kodi/PseudoTV User
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Hi everyone! I am about to jump into the Kodi world and the main reason is because of the things I have read about PseudoTV. I have always wished that there was a way to mimic the traditional TV world with my media collection, and now I have found it. I currently have all of my media (20TB) stored on a Synology DS1815+ NAS and I am thinking of buying a ASUS Chromebox-M004U (Celeron 2955 U, 16 GB SSD and 4 GB Memory) to use as a dedicated Kodi box. Would this be powerful enough to run PseudoTV without limitations and be able to use all features and enjoy the program the way it is supposed to be used? Or am I going down the completely wrong path?

I apologize if this is in the wrong section, but I looked and could not find any discussion that focused on using PseudoTV. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
seems like more of a hardware question than an application question. I would suggest reading up on it as the content you have would be played by the kodiplayer.

Chromebox (wiki)

I would suggest doing a forum search for chromebox and openelec.

psuedotv doesn't play or store content its just allows you to load up an epg and create your own channel list. Whether its live tv or a file directory.

What you should ask yourself though is if you do all this and the add on at some point is no longer supported does having a Media player with complete metadata customization. show tracking and everything you can ask for in a media center that is open source and free is something youll find value in.
Key Hardware recommendations for "Unlimited" use.

1. Multi Core CPU with high FLOPS.
2. 8GB Ram Minimum
3. Great I/O speeds, SSD for kodi and os is a plus... If your movies are on a cheap flash, usb or over wifi don't bother.
4. Fast network throughputs

PTVL's known bottlenecks come down to...

Memory, More channels with higher media limits require more memory.
Storage/Network I/O, faster PTVL can write/read your data the faster channels build and surfing between channels perform great!.

Wrote the below guide a long time ago... some info still holds true: