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Full Version: staf in tmdb
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Is there a way to do a search in Kodi on movies that a member of the technical team is not the director or the screenwriter?
In this case, here, the dialogueist?

For example, in France, "Michel Audiard" who made the dialogues of multiple films and whose importance is at least equal to the director (the posters write them with the same font for example) ...

However, if "Michel Audiard" is present in TMDB for, for example, in "Les tontons flingueurs" (department writing, dialogue)
If I search "Audiard" in Kodi, I can not find any entry ... (I obviously have films that he made the dialogues)

Is it possible to add a "writing" entry in the film information sheet, for example, in addition to director and screenwriter?
Possibly in local information? (Which works with a search in kodi)

thank you