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Full Version: IMDB error
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I have sort of a strange issue that started with the most recent update to 2.9.2 PreRelease

I have a set of 6 movies:
Sniper 2
Sniper 3
Sniper Ghost Shooter
Sniper Legacy
Sniper Reloaded

When tMM detects them, the IMDB always appears in the GUI as the same "tt0108171" which is the one for the first, but all the TMDB IDs are correct for each. I can look at the NFO files for each and the IMDB ID is correct in each of them. I tried to remove them all from the database and re-add, same result. I have tried to re-scrape the data and rewrite the NFO for each and still no change. I tried to look at the tMM database, but do not know the proper format to read, both my db editors say "invalid format", so I stopped probing.
can you send us the logs?
or the NFO files from the 6 movies?
or maybe the complete movie.db?
Sure, can I email them to you? The movie.db is 10MB+, but I can still do that if you can. I can easily get you the nfo files. Logs, I will need to look, never seen/used tMM logs before. If there is something specific you want, just direct me there.

Could you tell me the database format? I can have a look in there too, just dont want to mess it up needlessly. For email, I can do a linked file, so the email itself will be small and no added strain on the email servers.
sent you a PM