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Full Version: Using Kodi to view videos by network ? Upnp.
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Good evening everybody
First excuse my poor English.
Kodi is strongly recommended in order to solve a little problem. Easy for you
On my PC master i have a server DLNA. This server include differents shared folders.
For instance folder Video.
Using DLNA i can from my Smart TV and my tablet play all my videos in the shared folder of coure.
I have installer Kodi on my secondary PC. Network CPL with my PC master.

I tried to use Kodi. I click on Upnp. Good. I can see my PC remote. I can see my shared folder ( shared DLNA) on my PC master. Good.
I can see the differents sub folders of my main folder Videos.
But impossible to see and then execute the videos inside. Impossible to find the path.

I installed Kodo for that and nothing else for the moment ( I' m sure later that will be different Kodi look fantastic.

Without long explanations.

On my PC master i have a folder called Videos. For example F:\ Videos
Full of ...videos

From my PC remote ( network CPL) using Kodi what is the way of doing in order playing the videos inside the folder

I repeat. Kodi ,see this folder using Upnp ( and all other folders on my PC remote) but not the video files inside.

Thanks a lot.
Why not share via smb?
(2017-01-26, 19:39)bry Wrote: [ -> ]Why not share via smb?

That would rule out using his Smart TV which 99% (100%?) of them only use DLNA
Using smb does not rule out using upnp for the tv.
i guess Confused .. as long as his PC Master server supports both protocols

I have a WD MyCloud with Network Shares .. if i don't enable DLNA Media Server setting (on the MyCloud) then my Panasonic Smart TV sees nothing. Same for my PS4 which is DLNA only as well.
The obvious answer is: Plug your kodi machine into your Panasonic Smart TV via HDMI.
(2017-01-29, 07:32)nickr Wrote: [ -> ]The obvious answer is: Plug your kodi machine into your Panasonic Smart TV via HDMI.

Yep, i agree .. that's how mine is setup (Kodi on RPi3 connected to Panasonic TV)

But the OP is running Kodi on a PC and is only using a Smart TV and Tablet as the 'players'
There are way better DLNA servers than Kodi!
well .. help the OP out, and name / recommend some then Undecided
That is what google is for.
Perhaps a little too late in this to help the original poster but depending on what he's using for his DLNA server, perhaps it's an address/device restriction set within the DLNA server? I know my Synology NAS has that capability if you enable it (which I have).