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Full Version: Kodi 17 - rc3/rc4: problem in slideshow: playback of videos is stumbling
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I fully understand, but since I ended up with a 16MB log file, I thought uploading plaintext may just not be a good idea. And indeed, none of 3 pastebin sites I've tried was able to handle such a large log.

So, I excluded some of the ffmpeg debug lines from the log (egrep -v 'ffmpeg.*sample'). The file is available here: https://paste.ubuntu.com/24947527/

P.S. Yes, once again it is modified/incomplete Wink
(2017-06-25, 11:33)kormik Wrote: [ -> ]Okay, here's another one. I hope this one works for you.
(2017-06-25, 12:13)kormik Wrote: [ -> ]So, I excluded some of the ffmpeg debug lines from the log (egrep -v 'ffmpeg.*sample'). The file is available here: https://paste.ubuntu.com/24947527/

You have installed Banned add-ons (wiki), so you won't get any support here unless you want to remove them.
Thanks Rechi, but I give up. I simply don't have enough time for this.
Ok - since I opened this thread I want to jump in here and I provide a log for this problem.
Currently I am now only on OSMC on the Raspi 3 with Kodi 17.3.
The problem is still the same as described earlier. For this log I used an
Album (on a network drive) and started playback. Kodi showed first 6 pictures and then for the short mp4 video
the screen was black but audio was playing. Then picture 7 was displayed.
In the settings I had disabled animation and to show a picture for 3 seconds.
But animation was shown (stuttering !) and each picture was shown for about 10 seconds.
So I think there is a general problem with picture playback in Kodi 17.x.

I tried the same Album on a different Raspi with Kodi 15 and the playback of this very same album worked perfectly.
AND the transitons worked perfectly smooth and each picture was shown for 3 seconds only !

Please find the link to the log below:

Regards. Martin.
Same issue for me.

I'm on LibreElec 8.0.2, RasPi 3.
Since the update to LibreELEC 8/Kodi 17 videos don't show up any more. Instead, a small camera-icon is displayed and the screen stays black for the run time of the video clip. The slide show continues with the pictures.
Started alone (from the "Pictures"-category) all videos run perfectly.

I hope you can help.
Thank you very much in advance!

I add a link to the kodi.log with 2 parts with the same video running and not running:

1st test:
View the video "01600-gopro-krater_HD.mkv" as picture (15:25:35.770)
-> works.

2nd test:
Slideshow started with picture "01554-G0029744_HD.jpg" (15:25:59.954)
"01600-gopro-krater_HD.mkv" -> not played
-> the images are displayed, the video not.
I have the same issue with Kodi 17.x and Libreelec 8.0x
I changed back to Libreelec 7.0x (Kodi 16.x).
With Kodi 16.x it is working properly. All videos in slideshow are viewing perfect. No shuttering or black screen.

Thank you very much in advance to solve the issue in Kodi 17.x and 18!
I have the same issue:
Videos in Picture Slideshows stutter (feels like it doesn't use Hardeware-acceleration). If viewed as a single video (no slideshow) there is no stuttering.

Interestingly enough, as soon as I activate debug logging, the stuttering stops.

My system:
Kodi 17.5

Kodi is a new clean install. the only thing I did was add the Picture Folder, all other settings are default.

The Log:

I did not see any difference in the Windows Task Manager CPU Resource Monitor between stuttering and non stuttering (so maybe the issue doesn't have anything to do with Softwareencoding)
I opened this thread now 10 months ago !!
Is there any chance to get this fixed please ?
It was in June (4 months ago) when a teammember posted here and asked for a Log file.
In the meantime some Log files are available.

Many thanks for your support
Martin Klein
Hello Martin.klein,

Your original post refers to Kodi v17 Release Candidate 3 and 4. We have released 6 new updates since your original post. We won't go back and try to diagnose an old version.

I also remind you that it took you over 7 months to submit a debug log. I suppose we showed as much enthusiasm in looking into the issue as you did.

The only advice I can offer is to update to v17.5 and see if it is still an issue for you.
Dear Kodi Team,

I can only repeat and detect exactly the same as in the post of CNeutron --> [2017-10-24, 16:23 (This post was last modified: 2017-10-24, 16:30 by CNeutron.)]

17.5 has on Windows 10 and on RPi3 libreelec 8.2.0 still stuttering/stagnating.
But if I switch on debug logging everything is perfect. There is no stuttering/stagnating as long as debug logging is active.

I tried then in the advancesettings.xml to start logging without showing CPU etc. on the screen.
   <loglevel>1</loglevel> <!-- Change this to "1" to hide the on-screen debug log text -->

But it was always on the screen and if I used "shift"&"ctrl"&"D" to turn off and on the debug logging mode it was working perfect when logging was visible on the screen and stuttering/stagnating when logging was not visible during playing the camera movie.

When not debug logging --> stuttering/stagnating
When debug loggin --> no stuttering/stagnating
Best regards

The Log: (no stuttering/stagnating due to logging)
Same problem for me ever since upgrading to 17. Video files play perfectly well on their own, but played from a picture slideshow there is severe video stutter/freeze. Audio is fine.

I am now on 17.5 on Android.

There was a thread suggesting a plausible cause to this problem:

Has it been confirmed/denied that video playback in slideshows does not use acceleration?
Dear Overlord Karellen,

were you able to repeat the Problem? Do you need more information?

The only line that struck me in the log as a possible reason for the stuttering was:

WARNING: CWinRenderer::UpdateVideoFilter - chosen scaling method 1 is not supported by renderer

greetings from Jan Rodrick who reported until the End ;-)
Hello @CNeutron

I have not repeated the problem. This function is not something I am overly familiar with as I rarely use kodi for images ever since it lost support for RAW as most of my library is RAW images. I have been requesting the logs on behalf of the picture developer so the information would be ready for him when he checks the forum. (and until you arrived, it was like pulling teeth to get the log)

Currently I don't know his whereabouts, so I have no idea when he will be looking at the issue.
v17 is eol. if you want to get dev attention, try with v18 nightly.
I just tried with the newest nightly see LOG

Same effects.

The (Picture) Videos stutter when viewes within a slidehow. When viewed as a single video it plays smoothly.

Also as soon as there is an overlay (either the debug, or if I return to the menu during the video, and it keeps running in the background) the video runs smooth.
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