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Full Version: Estuary lyrics Window makes song information unreadable
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When the lyrics display pops up on the Estuary full-screen music display, it becomes difficult to impossible to read the name of the current song. This is because
  • the opaque lyrics panel covers part of any long or moderately long song title and part of the album cover image.
  • the FSD behind the lyrics panel is dimmed rendering whatever part is not covered by the lyrics unreadable in many lighting conditions. One doesn't tend to sit in a darkened room when listening to music...
I suggest the following remedies:
  • Don't dim the FSD behind the lyrics panel.
  • Move the lyrics panel to the right and up slightly to avoid the album cover and song title.
  • Make the lyrics panel translucent like it was in Confluence
  • Make the window slightly smaller by reducing the spacing between the lines of the lyrics.
  • Show the song title in the lyrics panel title bar.
If this isn't fixed I'll have to stop using CU LRC Lyrics

I filed a bug about this but it was closed with the comment that the add-on not the skin is responsible. I saw in another message in this forum that with Estuary the skin no longer has a customized lyrics' window.
(2017-01-29, 09:16)msfc Wrote: [ -> ]
  • Show the song title in the lyrics panel title bar.

I can tell you how to accomplish your final bullet in your second list, msfc. Bear in mind that when the Estuary skin updates, you might have to go into the main CU LRC Lyrics script and make these two changes again, but they are quite simple.

NOTE: Apply at your own risk, which is really really low, but never non-existent. :-)

Paths are Ubuntu-specific, but would be easy to find on other OSes, too.

Since Estuary uses CU LRC Lyrics' lyrics window itself instead of a skin-specific one, copy the following file to a backup in case you break anything and then open in a text editor the following:


Look for the control type "label" with a description of "header label". (In Krypton RC4 it's line 44.) Seven lines below, you'll see the "label" tag which identifies the text that will display in the lyrics window title bar. By default, this looks like:

<label>$ADDON[script.cu.lrclyrics 32199]</label>

which is why you see the addon name in the title bar in Estuary.

Now change the contents of the tag to:

<label>$INFO[MusicPlayer.Artist] - $INFO[MusicPlayer.Title]</label>

Save your changes and listen to a song. You now have "The Beatles - Something" displaying in the title bar of the lyrics window. If that's the song you listen to, of course. Tongue