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Full Version: Music Play Now Screen improvements
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Hello Jeroen,

first of all thank you for this amazing, clean and structured skin and your effort on this!

Actually, there is only one thing I am missing somehow: when playing music and switching to the full screen mode (where you can also display the music visualization) the info section (after pressing "i") looks somehow sad - I only see the seekbar and nothing else (of course, there is the artist fanart and the visualization in the background, but I mean the info-section on the bottom of the screen). Is it possible to display a panel here, with album cover, artist, title and album name and maybe even the next song? Just like it is in the video section, where the cover/clearArt, title, tv show and episode name etc. is shown after pressing "i"... Or am I doing something wrong as I only see a single seekbar?
You're not doing anything wrong, seems there is a bug in the git version at the moment. Normally you would indeed see album art, title and such. Will be fixed Smile

edit: easy fix so it seems, pushed to git

Awesome, thank you! And sorry, I should have mentioned that I'm using latest Git Version and Kodi Krypton...
No worries Smile