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Full Version: Playback Speed (new in Krypton)
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This is an excellent new function which I have been waiting for for ages. Three things:

1. To control the speed of playback you have to press ALT + RIGHT / LEFT or CTRL + RIGHT / LEFT - this is fine when using Kodi on Windows but when using via Kodi Remote Keyboard (official app in Apple Store) there is no option for using either ALT or CTRL so this cannot be used as far as I can see. Similar for those using an Android Box I would imagine...

2. This works fine on Estuary (Kodi default skin for Krypton) but when used on Confluence the GUI menu fails to disappear after the default amount of seconds.

3. When you pause the video (playing at 1.2x for example), it begins again at normal speed (1x) upon resumption.
I can play Youtube videos on Ubuntu play faster up to 1.5 speed.

I found this post from NED SCOTT on this forum:
''Some skins will have a button for this, but you can also use keymaps (wiki). The default keyboard keymap will speed up with control+right, and slow down with control+left. Be sure to have "sync video playback to display" enabled for this to work. ''

"sync video playback to display"-Go to SETTINGS-PLAYER SETTINGS-VIDEOS and enable it there.

For me changing playback speed works by pressing ALT and RIGHT to speed up.
For lower playback speed I press ALT and LEFT.

So for you, a different skin as proposed by NED would work.
I hope KODI will have option to play uf to 2x speed soon, because I think this is a very basic function, which Youtube has as well.
One extra note:  you need to wait a little for KODI to buffer/load video and then you can watch video faster. 
You usually cannot press immediately after you open video!
Doesn't work as intended for me on Krypton on Ubuntu 16.04 or Linux Mint 18 . Ctrl-LEFT and Ctrl-RIGHT just skips forward and skips back.

I was expected playback speed (video/audio frame rate) greater or less than 1.0x.

Not implemented on Linux?
You probably need to change your remote key mapping.
Not using a remote, just a keyboard.  Installed Keymap Editor Add-On,  Looked in Playback category , saw nothing related to Playback Speed, only Jump Forward/ Back .
Attempted a manual edit, looked in $HOME/.kodi/userdata/keymaps , saw no files to edit.

What next?
Make a new one.
Has anyone gotten this to work on a firetv? I'm using the Udemy addon since amazon doesn't have an official app for the firetv.
I do not see anyway to increase speed by say 1.25 or 1.5 or 2x.

Is there a theme I should be using that has a button for this? I am using Aeon Nux
Did you ever figure this out? I'm trying to set this up for Udemy on Kodi on FireTV as well.
Why can't there be something to make it run at any speed built by default in KODI?
(2020-01-26, 23:39)Rockfella Wrote: [ -> ]Why can't there be something to make it run at any speed built by default in KODI?

I would think this should be in a slider under audio sync in the Audio settings.  You could set it per video, or save it just like audio sync.
Bumping an old thread but I've made a hacky add-on that will set your preferred playback speed when a video starts: https://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=357236