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Full Version: Where is music Artist Information been stored?
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Hi everyone,

Is there a specific folder where all the artist information is stored? I mean the pictures and the bio info.
When you create/add a music source, then scan the source (or update the music library) the artist info is obtained from local nfo files if they exist, or by scraping web site data (depending on the artist scraper you select for the source). All that info is stored in the music database. By default it uses an SQLite database (for Kodi 17 named MyMusic60.db) located in your Kodi userdata area.. It is also possible to set up a separate MySQL database and have Kodi use that. For art, Kodi can use either local art that you obtain and place in your music source folders, or on-line art from the scrapers. For local art the path the the image is stored in the database, for on-line the URL is stored.

scott s.