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Full Version: add source
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ok..after reading the reply from my last post I see I did a no no.. I just watched a video and tried to follow along..didn't know that's not ok..so hopefully I'm not breaking the rules here again..so I downloaded kodi went to file manager..added and named my first source ok'd it and went back out to add another. and .I don't get the add source option again? any help please? recently temporarily disabled and going crazy bored..thanks
Are you in 16.x (Jarvis) or 17.x (Krypton) - the UI is different.
I'm in 17
This is no normal behavior perhaps it would help to post a screenshot with a debug log
You could also add your sources manually by editing the file sources.xml but i wouldn't recommended you unless you really are a power user of kodi and of course you make first backup of the file.