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Full Version: Slideshows listed under Movie Section
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Dear all,

I'm new to this forum so please forgive me mistakes :-)

I have a big set of holiday videos and photos which I like to watch with Kodi.
I find it inconvenient to switch between Movie section and Picture section to watch 'Media' from one holiday.

Is there a way to put both of them together?
I thought of having a directory with photos as one 'movie' listed within the movie section
(and of course having a bit of metadata (title, thumbnail, genre and year) ) and when 'playing' this
the slideshow feature of Kodi gets used.

Any ideas?

Thanks and best regards, Thomas
How about having a folder called pictures where all your pictures are, with a sub forum called video-pix, then in settings>pictures>show video files in listings.
Hi Pat,

thank you for your quick response.
I didn't know about this option; this help me a bit farther.

What is missing with this solution is metadata support. With this I could have a view for years and activities (aka genre).

Anyone having experience with those addons which add metadata support for pictures and if it is possible to have a mixed view
with pictures and videos?

Thank you.
I think I spelled out the mixed view as a setting, meta-data might be a bit trickier but in the main you could just add text to any picture and use them back to back, so that the text looks like it's over laid. There's other options, like putting an entire slideshow, video etc into a custom home video,