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Full Version: Fast forward and rewind missing in Kodi 17?
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Hello. I generally watch TV shows on an Android phone. I have noticed that since I updated to Kodi 17 the controls that pop up at the bottom of the screen (play pause) etc. does not include fast foward and rewind. Can this be changed in the settings. Thanks.
Hello. Same question
Just update it from google store. The new interface is good but I notice there 2 buttons disappeared?
Click on the progress bar (just above the play/pause, stop etc buttons) and then drag the slider left or right to rewind or fast forward.

Also threads merged as we didn't need two asking the same question
that's seeking not fastforwarding
Is the end result any different?
Change to another skin.
Fast forward is something for people who still live in a VHS era and are afraid of the future
Sounds like a skin issue. I'm using "a confluence zeitgeist" skin and one of its general options is to hide those buttons from the OSD.
(2017-02-05, 23:06)DarrenHill Wrote: [ -> ]Is the end result any different?

I can see what happens while fast forwarding. Sometimes people are looking for a moment without knowing if it is 30 seconds away or longer or shorter. Even if not used as often as steps, ff rw are still basic controls that are very useful.
Add one vote to return the FF button.
FF (x2,x3 etc) is REALLY useful for e.g. reviewing CCT surveillance footage.
I'm surprised (and really astonished) those buttons have been removed. What was the gain ? The loss is considerable.
Kodi is Cool none the less, but this "change" looks like change for change's sake

If you want this feature back it is a simple matter of changing your skin.
Or your button mapping.
(2017-02-05, 23:13)Martijn Wrote: [ -> ]Fast forward is something for people who still live in a VHS era and are afraid of the future
What an arrogant (and factually incorrect) statement.  Playing a video at 2x/4x/etc has nothing to do with VHS.
Why are you replying to a statement made over a year ago?
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