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How do I create .nfo files for music? Is there a program similar to Tiny Media Manager that deals with music?

I have a few artists that just won't scrape for some reason. I have checked spelling and the metadata. One in particular is Adam and the Ants. It just won't scrape even though they are clearly listed in audiodb.com and musicbrainz.com

MediaElch does a good job for music (audio and video) although it scrapes single artists and albums only (I.e. You have to manually scrape each artist and album, one at a time)

It creates NFOs for each artist and downloads artist thumbnail and fanart (most useful as it also gets the MusicBrainzID which is used by Kodi and addons including the ArtistSlideShow. For albums it can download cover art plus disc image used by some skins.

MediaElch runs on Windows and Mac and is donationware. It can work in English or German.

At the moment it's music scraper is broken. Expect a fix very soon.
I forgot to add that my Music Media Helper program creates NFOs for music concert videos including scraping folder art and fanart.

It also has tools to split an Music Video Concert MKV into chapters and semi auto rename the chapter files as per the song titles. It also creates m3u playlists automatically for all music videos and copies the playlists into the Kodi userdata mixed folder so you can play music videos with various Kodi Remote Control apps (like the official Kodi IOS remote and Kodi Music Remote app for IOS etc).

There's a thread in this section with more info. (A new release is nearly ready)
Thanks HomerJau, I'll check it out now.
You can also use Musicbrainz picard.

Just run the album through the auto tagger and it should be scraped perfectly. Kodi will read the musicbrainz tags.
Thanks docwra

That did it. I installed picard and ran Adam and the Ants through it, saved the changes and it scraped perfectly. Same with Jane Osborne (which ended up being a spelling mistake Osbourne)

Still like the Mediaelch idea, but I'll play with that when it is up and running again.