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Full Version: ALL Kodi17 - (TvHeadend) PVR - SW/HW Decoding issue
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MBAFF is a different issue - most likely it has no support in the Surface-Blackbock, sample: http://solidrun.maltegrosse.de/~fritsch/..._mbaff.mp4
The notsoshitty version works very well for me. But the playstore always wants to update it to the shitty version. And on the shield i can only disable all updates not specific ones. Is there a way to address this?
The playstore wants to update it to the shitty version? <- it's not at all in any playstore.

Edit: Just disable auto updating?
Or bump VERSION_CODE in the version.txt of your builds to a higher number than Google Play one.
E.g. set it to 173050 to be higher than current 17.3 but lower than potential 17.4
Yes, it would be really nice to turn on auto update again. Since on Android TV you can only disable autoupdates in general and not per app.
Having only just got a nvidia shield.. And only got the stock kodi 17.3 from the play store..

Noticed that lack some of thebetter hq scalers etc.

Which is better ATM as far as shield goes...
A recent spmc release? Or stock kodi...or other?


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What's the latest version with these fixes that hw decoding works when changing channel on tvheadend?
Use v18. This is the only way forward.
Will there be a 17.5 notsoshitty version available in the test builds?

edit: notsoshitty version is online now, thanks!

Will there be a v18 notsoshitty version?

Or are these fixes already included in v18 nightlies?

I'm asking because I got a nvidia shield some days ago and directly installed an actual nightly build.

Deinterlacing in live tv did not work, live tv in general was really bad compared to my main htpc (intel, libreelec).

I came across these notsoshitty builds and the recent one is able to provide really good live tv.
Everything seems to work there.

There won't be a v18 notsoshitty version as it is not needed anymore. Kodi got all the infrastructure to properly reopen the decoders. If it does not work on v18, please open a trac ticket for that.
OK, thank you.

Maybe I messed sth up...

I'll try a v18 nightly again!
When I remember correctly. FernetMenta added all the needed calls to the interfaces, but they are not yet fully implemented on Android - so having such a ticket while we are in alpha is exactly what is needed.

I'm a mibox 3 user and I've been using V18 builds for a while - the experience is better than V17, but it still has problems Vs SBMC where it's perfect.  How do I check what decoder is being using for a given channel so I can give feedback/raise a ticket if needs be?

I've been running the 30/1/18 build on my mibox and fire tvs for a few days now and the live tv experience is 99% perfect - maybe a bit of stuttering after a channel change for a few seconds, but then fine.

Recorded TV is a bit hit or miss though and I'm having to still use SBMC for that - it stutters and never seems to settle down even if I don't skip
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