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Full Version: Krypton Deinterlace Method Issue
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I've recently updated to Kodi v17 and now I can´t select the deinterlacing method in vídeo settings so it's always on off which causes my vídeo playback to stutter. I don't think it's a hardware issue because I haven't had any problem with previous versions of Kodi. Please help.
It's not always on. What confuses you is the "fallback" yadif which only does something if it gets an interlaced frame ... so whatever causes your stuttering is not that. A Debug Log will show the issue.
There's nothing on the log. Any advice on how to solve my problem? I've looked around the internet and the only thing I see that solves similar problems is changing the interlace method but I can't access that.
As I don't see your Debug Log - no chance of helping you. Post a log while playing the affected file.