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Full Version: Tags for AAC audio
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I have extracted audio from a Youtube mp4 so it's AAC in an mp4 wrapper with no video. I then tagged it with mp3tag (which it will do only if I give it an aac extension).

The wiki says Kodi is supposed to read 'mp4' tags, but it won't add this file to the library either with an aac extension or m4a extension. If I give it an mp4 extension, Kodi thinks it's a video so it doesn't show up in Music Files.

How can I add this file to the Music Library?
convert to mp3 Wink
(2017-02-08, 15:28)Rusendusen Wrote: [ -> ]convert to mp3 Wink

Yeah, yeah, but isn't what I've got the same as an iTunes song? (I don't do iTunes)
I don't have any ACC files to test with, but as far as I can see it should work - acc content and m4a files are handled.

What version of Kodi are you using? Can you provide a small music file oif this kind? Perhaps a debug log of an attempt to scan such a file into the library will show some details?
UPDATE: Discovered that mp3tag is writing APE tags to the file when it has an aac extension. Mp3tag obviously doesn't recognise it as an iTunes file, whatever extension it has.

Must be something in the header/encapsulation that VLC is writing. Not a Kodi problem.